Dance Embodied
– Express Yourself Fully –

~ An Oasis of Movement, Connection and Transcen – Dance! ~

Mission Statement: I am providing an opportunity for people to redefine 'play' for themselves—embracing the innocent to the erotic, clothed to bare—in a safe and sacred space. Through dance we find our connection to personal expression and freedom in our bodies—embracing vulnerability into strength and acceptance and fun!

You are invited to embark on a pilgrimage of self-revelation rooted in action and movement. Reveal passion, power, presence & PLAY! In our evening with a subtle tantric flavor, meet others, outline our 'container' of expression, play and connect.

Brooklin Kayce

This is a clothing-optional event. Feel safe knowing you are welcome to dress or undress at your leisure and pleasure. This is a safe, non-sexual, sacred space where we create a fun place to explore your edge. Play with your freedom of movement and challenge what you thought you knew about yourself.

For dates and locations, contact Brooklin.

What to bring: A towel or sarong to sit on (if you fully undress)
A water bottle
Clothing to experiment with (as you desire)
Special Note: Bring a Fun Hat!

Cost: contact Brooklin.

Dance Embodied will have varied exercises from dance to dance to foster connection with each other. In these exercises, we have our opportunity to enter deeply and playfully into our hearts in order to express our solid and tender connections with each other prior to plunging into the stream of ecstasy that is dance.

~~ No dance experience required or recommended. ~~
~~ There is no choreography. ~~

ALL WELCOME! This is a very safe environment. All are welcome regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship status. You may attend as a single or a couple or more. Bring friends!

********* Email Brooklin to register *********
********* (Brooklin @ DanceEmbodied . com - no spaces) *********
********* Reserve your place prior to attending *********

Brooklin Kayce

From Ecstatic Dance FAQ by Karen Berggren

"For in reality, rhythm and the ability to imagine are some of the greatest teachers and healers. Rhythm is the basis of our entire existence from the micro- to the macro-cosmic. It moves through us all the time, on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—seeking harmony and greater order in all its interactions. It's the language of creation, the mother tongue of us all."

"If you feel at all dance-challenged or have some sense of performance anxiety, just know that there are no wrong steps in ecstatic dance! Every move you make is right. You don't have to be concerned about being aesthetic, graceful, disciplined, pretty, strong, confident, coordinated or contained as we're so often taught that dance is about. In many ways, ecstatic dance is the antithesis of everything we've been taught that dance is supposed to be. In the ecstatic dance journey, your whole being becomes the paintbrush that your spirit guides across the canvas of your soul. To become the paintbrush all you need do is relax, surrender into the rhythms, and let your body's wisdom guide your movements. In other words, trust and release your grip on the steering wheel. You're dancing for your Self and no one else."


Dance may be regarded as a form of nonverbal communication between humans... Another early use of dance may have been as a precursor to ecstatic trance states in healing rituals.